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Daily News Roundup – April 8, 2015

USOC Hits Wall in Boston (Colorado Springs Independent) “If the U.S. Olympic Committee had an unofficial motto, it would be this: Quidam solvit. It’s austere, dignified and concise. Translated, it’s a little coarser: ‘Someone else pays.'”

Statement from John Fish on Potential Olympic Projects (Boston Globe) Many loopholes in his statement, including no acknowledgement of post-Olympic construction in Widett Circle

Well, It Depends on What You Mean by “Conversation” (Storify) From the Malden event yesterday

Watch: Congressmen Lynch & Capuano: Nancy Pelosi Should Step Aside (WGBH News) Capuano openly disparages the idea of allowing people to vote on whether the city should bid. What a guy…..

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