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Past Events


No Boston 2024 - No Boston Olympics - Franklin Park Area Stop Boston Olympics - City Life/Vida Urbana Joint Rally/Protest

City of Boston's Olympic Meeting in JP, 6/30, English High School

Understanding the Community Impacts of a Boston Olympics,

6/23/2015, Robbins Library, Arlington

The Real Cost of the Boston Olympics - Lecture by Andrew Zimbalist

6/15/2015, First Church

No Boston 2024 Activists at the 2015 Boston Pride Parade


The Olympics: More Than a Game - with Dave Zirin and Kade Crockford,

6/2/2015, Hope Central Church

Olympic-Sized Displacement: What Boston 2024 Means for Housing Rights, 5/14/2015, Hope Central Church

Wake up the Earth Festival, 5/2/15, Jamaica Plain

Boston & Boston 2024 Community Meetings

Rally Outside Boston Globe "Off the Page" Olympic Debate

12/8/14, ICA

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