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Daily News Roundup – March 24, 2015

Boston 2024 Asks People to Get Inspired by a Nazi Propaganda Film (Bay State Examiner)

MADLIMPICS: Salt Lake Cost Overrun Edition (Dig Boston)

Maura Healey Backs Olympic Referendum (Boston Herald) But how would she vote?

Rio Olympic Village to Become Luxury Apartments After the Games, Despite the City’s Affordable Housing Crisis (Washington Post)

Walsh Machine to Push Olympic Bid (WGBH News)

“Team Walsh” Recruited for Boston 2024 Olympic Bid (Boston Globe)

Beacon Hill Leaders Seek Olympic Consultant (Boston Globe) Better way to protect taxpayer dollars: not hosting the Olympics

If Boston 2024 Becomes a Ghost Ship, Does that Sink USOC Leaders? (Chicago Tribune)

Evan Falchuk & Josh Zakim Pushing Vote on Boston Olympics (WGBH News)

For Boston 2024, What Defines ‘Majority Support’ for the Olympics (Boston Magazine)

WCVB Named Exclusive Streaming Partner for Key Boston 2024 Meetings (WCVB)

State Senate President Stanley Rosenberg Among Political Leaders Seeking Analysis of Boston Olympic Games’ Impact (Daily Hampshire Gazette)

‘Whatever Voters Decide,’ Boston Mayor Says of Olympic Bid (WCVB) Last month, he said the results wouldn’t matter if it was a non-binding vote. Hmm…

John Fish Says Boston 2024 Wants a Referendum (BostInno) Expect the carpet-bombing of ads to commence shortly.

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