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Daily News Roundup – March 21, 2015

Instead of Pitching Games, Let us Win at Making Boston Climate-Safe (Boston Globe)

Boston 2024 Grassroots Campaign Makes Use of Political Players (Boston Globe) Interesting use of “grassroots”

Fed-Up Public Forced This ‘Change of Heart’ from Deval (Boston Herald)

Walsh Hits Reset Button in Quest for Olympic Gold (Boston Herald) How about hitting “abort” instead?

Editorial: Olympic Support Fizzles (Boston Herald)

Spring Won’t Change Gloomy Forecast for Boston 2024 (Boston Globe)

Olympic Numbers Don’t Add Up (Boston Globe) Andrew Zimbalist’s response to the UMass study

The Five Worst Trends in Greater Boston Real Estate, Ranked (Curbed)

Romney Family Opens up to Katie Couric (Yahoo) “The Olympics is not something about ‘This is going to be great for our city. We’re going to make money.’ If that’s what any city thinks, they’re making a big mistake.” Oh, well, there go Walsh’s talking points.

#ClimateChange #Sustainability #Politics #DevalPatrick #Salaries #Polling #MartyWalsh #MittRomney #BostonFoundation #UMassBoston #AndrewZimbalist #UrbanPlanning

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