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Daily News Roundup – February 25, 2015

Olympics Organizers Have Time to Talk (Boston Globe) “When I pulled Davey aside after the meeting Monday night at the Yawkey Boys & Girls Club of Boston in Roxbury, I told him that the distant games seem to give organizers wide latitude to be vague. To issue broad promises. To make sweeping, patriotic-tinged appeals for the societal glue that sports can supply. To sometimes dance with facts.”

We Cherish Your Questions So Much That We Will Never Answer Them (Storify) My Storified tweets from last night’s meeting.

The Olympic Hits Keep Coming (Blue Mass Group)

Boston Mayor: It’s OK for City Employees to Criticize 2024 Olympics Bid (NECN) But the fact that he signed the original agreement in the first place shows a complete lack of judgment that should call into question any further decisions on his part. If you are willing to sign any document put in front of you because it’s “boiler plate,” then you simply should not be trusted.

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