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Daily News Roundup – January 23, 2015


Boston 2024 Free Speech Kerfuffle: Walsh’s Explanation Worse Than Original Ban (WBUR)

Mayor Walsh’s Letter to City Employees (Boston Globe) What bull.

Walsh Tries to Clarify USOC Rule on Bid Talk (Boston Globe) “Walsh, however, has not said if he plans to change the agreement.” Spoiler: He has none.

Boston’s Ban on Anti-Olympics Talk is Unproductive (Fortune)

Lawyers: Boston “Has to Be Ready” for Lawsuits over Deal Requiring Employees to Support Olympics Bid (


UIP Chairman Eyes Ballot Question over Boston’s 2024 Olympics Bid (Berkshire Eagle)

Falchuk Takes Step Toward Olympic Ballot Question (Boston Globe)

Let the Public Vote on the Olympics (Boston Globe) Op-ed by Scott Lehigh

The Bid and the Backlash

Guardians Say Use of Boston Common for Olympics ‘Terrible’ Idea (Boston Herald)

Olympics Game Would Transform Industrial District (Boston Globe)

Key Columbia Point Property Owners Caught Off Guard by Olympic Village Plans (Dorchester Reporter)

Money Talks…Although People Can Still Talk Back

John Fish Carries the Olympic Torch, Sets Boston’s Agenda (Boston Globe) Sharp lede in this op-ed by Joan Vennochi: “No Massachusetts citizen ever cast a vote for John Fish.”

Like DeLeo, Rosenberg Backs Statewide Olympics (Lowell Sun)

Cambridge Official’s Draft Policy Order Calls for More ‘Transparent’ Olympic Bid Process (Boston Magazine)

Somerville’s Mayor: Boston 2024’s Velodrome Proposal ‘Won’t Cut It’ (Boston Magazine)

Olympics Group Calls on Wealthy Executives (Boston Globe) “The Founders, numbering about 30 so far, are a microcosm of the city’s prosperous and powerful: male, white and at the peaks of their careers.” Surprising no one…

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