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Daily News Roundup – January 22, 2015

The two biggest stories from yesterday were Marty Walsh’s gag order on city employees and Boston 2024’s partial release of the bid to the public.


Walsh OK’d Ban on Criticism of Olympics Bid (Boston Globe) Not only does the document he signed ban city employees from criticizing the Olympics, the IOC, or the USOC, but it also requires them to actively promote the bid. The authoritarianism of the Olympics on clear display.

Walsh, Olympic Committee Must Drop Ban on Criticism (Boston Globe) From the editorial board

Olympic Documents Show Boston City Employees Barred from Speaking Negatively about Olympics, IOC, USOC (

Decree Reflects Rift in Boston over 2024 Olympics (New York Times)

Boston Mayor Bans City Employees from Criticizing the Olympics and the ACLU is ‘Concerned’ (Washington Post)

Boston Bars City Employees from Criticizing the Olympics (Deadspin)

City Employees Can’t Criticize Hub Olympic Bid (Boston Herald)

Boston City Employees Aren’t Allowed to Badmouth the Olympics (TIME)

In Cradle of Liberty, An Olympic Muzzle (Minnesota Public Radio)

Records Reveal Boston City Employees Prohibited from Bad-Mouthing Boston Olympics (WGBH)

Redacted Bid Documents

Documents: Boston 2024 Proposal (Boston Globe) A link to what was released of the bid

Here is Every Boston 2024 Olympic Rendering from the Bid (BostInno)

Olympic Games Would Transform Industrial District (Boston Globe)

Boston Olympic Bid Names Harvard Venues as Hosts for 10 Events (Harvard Crimson)

Boston 2024 Proposes Olympic Cycling Events at Assembly Square, But Doesn’t Give Price Tag (Wicked Local-Somerville)

Lack of Olympics Debate is Chilling (Boston Globe) From Yvonne Abraham

Organizers Lift Veil on Some Boston 2024 Details (Boston Herald) The Herald has been very good at framing this issue in their headlines.

Franklin Park Stadium, Golf Course Planned as Olympic Venues (Jamaica Plain Gazette)

Stadium Plans Call into Question No Taxpayer Money Promise (Boston Herald)

Boston Olympics Backers Believe They Can Win Over Skeptics (Wall Street Journal) Not if we can help it.

Politics & Public Opinion

Massachusetts House Speaker DeLeo Eyes Statewide Olympics (AP)

Politicians Love Hosting Big Sporting Events. Voters, Not As Much, Especially If It’ll Cost Them (Washington Post)

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