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Daily News Roundup – January 16, 2015

We’re going to be featuring a daily news roundup on the site now to help you stay up-to-date about all things NoBoston2024 and anti-Olympics more broadly, as well as to give you the facts needed to explain to your friends and neighbors why they should oppose Boston 2024 as well. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Get Ready for Olympic-sized Protests (Boston Globe) “Protests are one of our birthrights.”

Olympic Decision in the Kingdom of Boston (Boston Globe) A plea from the “commoners” for a referendum.

Olympic Backers to Make More Information Public (Boston Globe) “with the exception of that proprietary information”

Boston Olympics Group to Keep Some Documents Under Wraps (Boston Herald) More to the point than the Globe’s headline

Poll: 55 Percent Support Boston Olympics Bid, 40% Oppose (Boston Globe) However, 61% oppose it if taxpayer funding is used, which we already know will be the case. Moreover, how can you ask people whether they support something they’ve never even seen?

Why is There No Political Opposition to the Olympic Bid? (Boston Globe) A good question. There is in Cambridge, as the City Council there voted against it last month. Boston City Council hasn’t even talked about it. State legislators seem to be showing either boosterism or silence.

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