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Daily News Roundup – April 3, 2015


Stop Confusing the Boston 2024 Opposition Groups (BostInno)

Different Strategies, Same Goal: How Boston’s Olympic Opponents Work Together (

They Just Don’t Want the Olympics (


Boston Olympic Bid is a Problem of U.S.O.C.’s Own Making (NYT)

Walsh Seeks to Open “Office of Olympic Accountability,” Funded by Boston 2024 (Bay State Examiner)

Walsh: Yes, New Public Money Will Be Needed for 2024 Upgrades (Dorchester Reporter) And look at his quote complaining about how “one-sided” the crowds are at his dog-and-pony show meetings. This guy…

Boston 2024: Will the Wrong Incentives Lead to the Next Big Dig Tunnel Ceiling Collapse? (Medium)

Is Boston 2024 Violating Lobbying Rules? (Medium)

From Olympic Critic to Defiant Boston 2024 Leader: John Fish’s Dramatic 180 (BostInno)

Mayor Not Asking for Changes to Boston 2024 Leadership (WDH) Aiming for the gold medal in backpedaling?

City Crafting 2030 Transportation Plan (Mission Hall Gazette) And John Fish is on the board tasked with doing it.

Olympic Bid Needs a World-Class PR Save (Boston Globe) From booster Shirley Leung. How about just pulling the bid instead?

Boston 2024 Limits Olympic Legacy by Minimizing Public Money (Boston Globe) All of the “legacy” components are incidental, not essential. We could spend the money for what we need without the Olympics.

Taxpayer Risk is Boston 2024’s Highest Hurdle (Boston Globe)

Baker Insists Boston 2024 Needs to Produce More Details (Boston Globe)

Boston 2024: Bad PR or Bad Plan? (NECN) Both?

Pride Alone Won’t Fix Things (CommonWealth)

Who’s to Blame for Boston 2024 Olympics Bid Trouble? (WGBH News) Of course Coakley supports it.

Walkable Games

Local Residents Voice Support & Concern for the 2024 Olympics (WWLP)

Western Mass. Officials to Boston 2024: You Want Our Support? Bring Some Games Here. (New England Public Radio)

Boston 2024 Depending on Springfield MBTA Cars, Says CEO of Boston 2024 (Mass Live)

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