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Daily News Roundup – March 26, 2015

“Team Walsh”

‘Team Walsh’ Meets in Dorchester to Revive Boston’s Bid for the 2024 Olympics (WGBH News)

Team Walsh Rallies Troops for 2024 Push (Dorchester Reporter)

Boston Core

Boston 2024 Comes to Cambridge (Medium)

Brookline Town Meeting to Weigh in on Olympics Bid (Wicked Local – Brookline)

Distrust Builds in Cambridge Over Boston 2024 Proposal (Wicked Local – Cambridge)

Public Opinion/Referendum

Polling Society Students Tackle Clinton, Tsarnev, NFL (Emerson News) Also tackle Boston 2024

No One Wants the Olympics: Part No. 546 (Gizmodo)

Boston 2024’s Effort Needs Transparency on Donations (Boston Globe)

Yvonne Abraham: Boston 2024’s Olympic Reversal (Boston Globe)

UIP Chairman Releases 2016 Ballot Language, Challenges Boston 2024 (UIP)

Opponents Plan Own Ballot Question Next Year (Dorchester Reporter)

How an Olympics Referendum Would Complicate Boston 2024’s Fundraising (Boston Business Journal)

Will a U.S. City Ever Host Another Olympics? (City Lab)

Hudson: Jumping Off the Olympic Bandwagon (Wicked Local – Sherborn)

Voter Rejection Could Result in USOC Shake-up (Boston Herald)

Quest to Craft a Fair Olympics Referendum (Boston Herald)


Boston 2024, “Gullibility, What’s Your Policy?” (Hester Prynne)

Let’s Give a Talk About Urban Sports in Boston without Addressing How Many Schools Don’t Have Gyms (Storify) Me on the NU event last night

Kraft Soccer Stadium Push Complicates Boston 2024 Plans for Widett Circle (Boston Business Journal)

Golden Promises of London 2012’s Legacy Turn Out to Be Idle Boasts (Guardian)

Beacon Hill Wants to Commission an Olympic Study? Done! See Below. (Boston Globe) A sharp letter to the editor

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