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Daily News Roundup – February 2, 2015

Transit, Olympic Boards ‘Coordinating’ on Plans (Boston Herald) “Officials crafting Boston’s new long-term transportation plan say they are coordinating with the group pushing to bring the 2024 Summer Games to the Hub but deny the Olympic bid is controlling transit strategy — despite close ties between the two boards.” Does anyone really believe that?

Residents Slam 2024 Bid over Transportation Woes (Boston Herald) “Why should hosting the Olympics hold our city’s transportation improvements by hostage?”

Robichaud: Taxpayers Will Lose with this Games Committee (Boston Herald) As far as political circles go, Republicans have been far more outspoken than Democrats on the flaws of the whole Boston 2024 project.

Olympics Could Boost Business, Tourism West of Boston (Boston Globe) BUT ” On the other hand, they worry about the potential drain on infrastructure dollars, and about the traffic congestion that could stem from both Olympics-related construction and the Games themselves.”

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