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Daily News Roundup – February 1, 2015

Anybody But Boston in 2024 (Boson Globe) From one of the Globe’s sports columnists

Walsh Says Boston Wouldn’t Use Eminent Domain for Olympics Stadium ( The headline is inaccurate. He says that he won’t. He is also not the BRA, the agency that does. The state legislature could also have a public-private entity do it.

IOC Leader Says Boston is Intriguing Candidate (Boston Globe) “If somebody is asking a question, that does not mean there is opposition.” Oh, but there is. Not all “somebodies” are politicians.

Buckley: IOC Chief: Bidding Process Has a Long Way to Go (Boston Herald) He says they want a “solid majority” support. He doesn’t have it, and he’s not going to get it.

Walsh Wants to Revise Deal that Bans Olympic Criticism (Boston Globe) Why should anyone trust him? He’s already done the damage by signing it in the first place.


I thought it would also be fitting to highlight how the mega-sporting event happening today is also an economic mess for host cities.

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