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Daily News Roundup – January 20, 2015

‘This Will Unite Left and Right': The Bostonians Who Want to Bring Down the Olympics (Guardian)

Olympics Bid Will Be a Political Campaign Like No Other (Boston Globe)

Poll Finds Lukewarm Support in Boston for Summer Olympics Bid (NYT) Always pay attention to the cross-tabs. Although support was greater than opposition (50% to 33%), 44% said that they would be less likely to support the bid if public funding were used, and 75% want to have a vote on it. Also note that people have way too favorable of an opinion of the IOC and USOC, which shows a lack of information that needs to be duly corrected. Also note that 17% undecided is rather high and means many people can be swayed. Pollster Steve Koczela noted that support, although larger than opposition, was shallow.

Bostonians Dubious About Olympic Bid, Poll Finds (Time) Same poll as above, same take on it

Could Boston’s Olympics Be as ‘Walkable’ as It Claims? (BostInno) Not if it has venues in DC…

Falchuk: Range of Ballot Options on Boston 2024 Olympic Bid (Boston Herald)

Baker: Public Deserves to See All Info on Olympic Bid (Worcester Business Journal)

Editorial: Take a Deep Breath (Boston Herald)

Anti-Olympics Group Faces Same Hurdles as Casino Foes (Boston Herald)

Boston Olympics Could Impact Region (Taunton Daily Gazette)

The 4 Mile March in Boston yesterday for MLK Jr. Day included no Olympics in its list of demands:

Protesters to Take Part in 4-Mile March (NECN)

Martin Luther King’s Birthday Marked by Protests Over Deaths of Black Men (NYT)

#Activism #BlackLivesMatter #PublicOpinion #Politics #Transparency #Walkable #EvanFalchuk #BallotQuestion #CharlieBaker

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