Daily News Roundup - July 25, 2015

Trouble in the USOC

No Plans to Decide on Olympics Until Review Is Complete, Baker Says (Boston Globe)

USOC Asks Massachusetts Governor for His Stance on Boston '24 (AP)

Column: USOC Needs to Dump Boston While There's Still Time (AP)

Exclusive: USOC Set to Make Decision on Boston 2024 on Monday with Los Angeles Ready to Step In (Insde the Games)

USOC Official Gets Caught Up in Olympics Fervor Online (Boston Globe)


The Missing Factor from the Boston 2024 Debate (BostInno) Diversity

One Small Thing Missing from Boston Olympics Debate: Sport (GamesBids.com)

Release of Bid 1.0

The 2 Big Mistakes in Boston's First Olympics Pitch (Boston.com)

Opposition, Vote Downplayed in Original Olympics Bid (Boston Globe)

Boston 2024's Disappearing Budget Gap (Boston.com)

Boston 2024 Releases Bid 1.0 Chapters on Budget Info, Political Suport (Boston Mag)

Olympics Materials Highlights Very Heavy Reliance on Fundraising 'Captains' (BBJ)

Documents Reveal Boston Olympics Group Budgeted for $500 Million Operating Loss, Downplayed Referendum (BBJ)

The Argument: Should Quincy Host Volleyball in the 2024 Olympics, if Boston Gets the Games? (Boston Globe)

Put an Asterisk on Boston's Olympic Bid (Boston Globe)

Around the World...

An Exceprt from 'Dancing with the Devil' (Only a Game) On Rio 2016

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