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Daily News Roundup - July 13, 2015

Latest Olympic Plan Leaves Media without a Home (Boston Globe)

Mapping Tools Show Boston's Disparity (Boston Globe)

Watch: Boston 2024 Activists Inform News Coverage (WGBH News) Including an interview with our Jonathan Cohn about our FOIA requests

Boston Politician: Olympic Spending Reform Meaningless (Around the Rings)

The Confederate Games of America (DigBoston)

How Likely Are "Revenue Overruns" for Boston 2024? (BostInno)

The Boston Follies: The Planned Rape of the Public Treasury (Trekking Toward the Truth)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stadiums (HBO)

Around the World

National Stadium Boondoggle (Japan Times)

Pollution Won't Sink Rio Olymics Sailing: Organizers (AFP)

#Tokyo2020 #Rio2016 #Stadium #Publicmoney #Costoverruns #Atlanta #EvanFalchuk #FOIA #Transparency #Inequality #Housing #Venues #Media #MediaCenter

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