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Daily News Roundup - July 1, 2015

On the USOC Meeting

Predictable, Unfortunate: Boston 2024 for Now (3 Wire Sports)

U.S. Olympic Committee Sticks with Boston's Troubled 2024 Bid (LA Times) They want 50+% in the near future, but the polls aren't trending their way.

USOC Finds 'Bid 2.0' Impressive, But Says It Needs a 'Positive Trend' in Public Support to Emerge Soon (WBUR) Probst says that poll numbers are "sort of in the low-to-mid-40s," which is USOC for "high 30s."

USOC Gives Boston 2024 More Time to Stagger Onward (Chicago Tribune)

JP Meeting

Don't Play Games with JP (Storify)

More Than 200 People Voice Feelings on Olympics Plan (Boston Globe) "A reporter heard no one speak in favor of the plan at the three sessions."

New Format Olympics Meetings: Fostering Dialogue or Minimizing Dissent? (Universal Hub)

Bid 2.0

Capuano Signals Concern about Olympic Funding (Boston Herald)

The Inconvenient Truth about Olympic Highway Lanes (Boston Mag)

Boston 2024 Plans Call for Massive Widett Circle Redevelopment Even If We Don't Get the Olympics, Plus Tax Breaks for the Developer (Universal Hub)

How Boston 2024 Was Done in by Old-Time Marketing (MediaPost)

Earlier Olympics Referendum Could Be on the Horizon (Boston Globe) Except it's not a referendum because it's not repealing a law

Boston 2024's 'Bid 2.0' Is Already an Olympic Failure (

Widett Circle Is Not for Sale to Olympians, But Owners Will Talk (WGBH News)

Boston 2024 Has No Budget to Fix MBTA (

And elsewhere in the world.....

Rio Slum Tests Security with Olympics a Year Off (AFP)

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