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Daily News Roundup - June 30, 2015 - Bid 2.0

Bid 2.0 came out yesterday, and it's filled with magic, lies, and bad ideas.

Boston's Revised '24 Bid Criticized as Incomplete (NYT)

State Leaders React Cautiously to Bid 2.0 (CommonWealth)

Boston 2024 Promises a Lot at 'Minimal Risk' (CommonWealth) But even what they're promisng isn't good.

See Which Real Estate Leaders Helped Boston 2024 Craft Its Financing Plan (BBJ)

Boston 2024 Pressed for Details -- But Remain Vague -- on Insurance, Taxpayer Risks (BBJ)

Here's What the Boston Olympic Would Look Like in 13 Photos (BBJ)

Here are the Key Takeaways from Boston 2024's Updated Olympics Bid (BBJ)

BBJ Breakdown: Boston 2024's $1.2 Billion 'Legacy' Plan for Midtown (BBJ)

2024 Olympics Would Catalyze 'Midtown' Development Before & After Games (BostInno)

Gov. Baker: 'Work Still to Do' on Olympic Bid (Boston Herald)

WATCH: Boston 2024 & No Boston Olympics Talk Revised Plans (WGBH News)

Boston 2024's Venue Plan is a Rove of Moving Pieces (Boston Globe)

Boston 2024's Revised Plan is Defined by What's Not There (BostInno)

Does the New Olympic Plan Really Protect Taxpayers? (Boston Globe)

On Boston Olympics Bid, It's Charlie Baker's Call (Boston Globe)

Fall River Chamber CEO Responds to Latest Boston Olympic Plan (Herald News)

With Bid 2.0, New Details at a Critical Juncture for Boston 2024 (WBUR)

Olympic Plan Would Remake Parts of Boston (Boston Globe)

Tax Breaks Could Reach Record Levels for Olympics Project (Boston Globe)

Five Key Takeaways from Boston 2024's Revised Olympic Bid (Boston Globe)

Boston 2024 Touts Games' Impact on Transportation (Boston Globe)

Revamped Olympics Bid Won't Silence Critics (Boston Globe)

Franklin Park Remains in New Olympic Bid; JP Meeting June 30 (JP Gazette)

Let's Pour Cold Water on 2024 Olympic Flame (Boston Herald)

Bid 2.0 is DOA: the Barcelona Model Is Done (3 Wire Sports)

Insurance 'Simply Does Not Cover' Boston 2024 $$ Overruns (Boston Herald)

Boston 2024: Version Number Two (Dig Boston)

And some good pieces on the opposition (including us)

Anti-Olympics Groups Stage Protest Outside Mayor's House (Boston Globe)

Opposition to Boston Olympics Rallies Behind #pullthebid (Boston Globe)

Olympics Opposition Groups Have Big Social Media Presence (Boston Globe)

And on the press...

Globe Carrying Torch for 2024 Olympics (Lowell Sun)

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