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Daily News Roundup - June 17, 2015

Steve Pagliuca: Budget Surplus from Boston Olympics 'Doable' (Boston Herald) Quack tells you drug he's selling is a miracle cure.

Boston 2024 Works to Add Donors, Retain Early Backers (Boston Globe)

Boston 2024 Wants to Hold Beach Volleyball in Quincy (Boston Globe) Remember the Boston 2024 meeting in Quincy? Neither do we. Because it didn't happen.

Boston Revises Bid in Effort to Host 2024 Olympics (NYT)

Hamburg to Hold Public Vote on 2024 Olympic Bid in November (NBC Sports)

Mihalopoulos: What One Daley Sows, Another Daley Reaps (Chicago Sun-Times) Chicago is still paying off debt from a failed bid.

Boston 2024 Updates (WGBH)

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