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Daily News Roundup - June 16, 2015

Boston 2024's New Board Members, Now Totaling 50

Ray Flynn's 5 Steps to Saving a Boston Olympics (Boston Herald) A mix of bad ideas and good ideas, none of which have to do with the Olympics

Decision-Focused Meetings (Bain Capital) Some advice from Pags's own firm: "Our research highlights what we think of as the Rule of Seven: every person added to a decision-making group over seven reduces decision effectiveness by 10 percent. If you take this rule to its logical conclusion, a group of 17 or more rarely makes any decisions. "

Small Boards Flexible, Engage All Members (Nonprofit Quarterly) Boston 2024 is totally going to engage all 50 members in productive meetings, though.

Allston Needs an Ally in Boston 2024 (Boston Globe) Why should successful community activists seek an ally in an anti-democratic organization of land-grabbing elites?

Advocates Weigh Costs, Benefits of Possible Olymipc Events in Franklin Park (Boston Globe) You can download the full poll cited here.

Boston's Biggest Gamble Isn't Taking Place at the Wynn (Storify) From the Zimbalist lecture at the JP Forum

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