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Daily News Roundup - June 10, 2015

On the Bid Book:

Has Anyone at City Hall Read the Boston 2024 Bid Book? (Boston Mag)

Former Boston 2024 CEO Sheds Light on Bid's Financing, Land Acquisition (Boston Mag)

Honeymoon over for Walsh? (CommonWealth)

Walsh Signed Olympic Bid Without Reading It Because It Was "Many, Many Pages" (Bay State Examiner)

Mayor Walsh Never Actually Read the Olympic Bid Before Pitching It (BostInno)

Reading Is Fundamental--Except When It Comes to Olympic Bid Documents (Universal Hub)

Walsh Contradicts Himself in Remarks about Olympics Bid (Boston Globe)

On Andy Zimbalist:

Olympic Critic Andrew Zimbalist: Boston 2024 Chair Steve Pagliuca Offered Me a Job (WGBH News)

Olympics Critic: Boston 2024 Offered Me a Job (

Did Pagliuca Ask Olympic Critic to Work for Boston 2024? (Boston Globe) Hmm..which person has a history of lying, and which one doesn't?

On the latest polling:

Support for Boston's 2024 Olympics Bid Slips (NYT)

WBUR Poll: Meager Mass. Support for Olympics, But Backing Rises for Statewide Games (WBUR)

Boston 2024 Support Continues to Fall With Time Running Out (Inside the Games)

On the financial progress report:

Games Fund-raising Lags, Say 2024 Foes (Boston Globe)

Boston 2024 Opened Books After Pressure from Walsh, Healey (Boston Globe)

And down in Rio

Holdouts: Slum Resists Eviction in the Shadow of the Olympic Park (AP)

To Have and To Hold: Husband Returns from Work to Find Half His House Demolished After WIfe Sold Her Share to Make Way for Controversial Rio Olympic Park (Daily Mail)

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