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Daily News Roundup - June 1, 2015

F-Bombs, Shouting: Uncivil Discourse on Boston's Olympic Bid (AP) A very lazily written piece with a "both sides" frame. However, Britni de la Cretaz gets the last word: "People are asking questions because they care about our city. If they didn't care about the city, they wouldn't come to the meetings."

Keller @ Large: Senate President ' Very Worried' about Boston Olympic Bid Funding (CBS Local)

The Revolving Door Between FIFA and the International Olympic Committee (BostInno)

Controversies Surrounding Boston Olympics Hit National Stage (BBJ)

$3.5m Restoration Set for Boston Common Edge (Boston Globe) We can do things without the Olympics? Let the Globe ed board know!

#Publicmoney #FIFA #IOC #Parks

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