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Daily News Roundup – March 5, 2015

Marty Walsh seems to think that the MBTA crisis isn’t enough of a reason to fix the MBTA, and that we need an international spectacle to do what we already should be doing for our city and our commonwealth. What leadership…

Walsh Presses Case for 2024 Olympics Bid (Boston Globe)

Marty Walsh Strongly Defends Boston’s Olympic Bid During Speech (CBS Local)

Walsh Says Olympic Bid Could Help Cure MBTA Woes (Boston Herald)

Boston Mayor Strongly Defends Olympic Bid Amid Criticism (Boston Herald)

And in other news…

Roof Collapse at Bayside Expo Triggers Gas Rupture, Evacuations (Dorchester Reporter) A potential site for the Olympic village

Is Boston 2024 Taking Sex Trafficking Seriously Enough? (DigBoston)

Boston 2024: Dispatch from High up Mount Olympus (Blue Mass Group)

#OlympicVillage #MBTA #MartyWalsh #SexTrafficking #HumanRights

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