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Daily News Roundup – March 4, 2015

Boston Mayor’s Early Lessons (Boston Globe) Op-ed from Scott Lehigh: “Walsh clearly got too close too quickly, with too little homework, to construction magnate John Fish’s vanity project.”

City Council Forms Committee on Olympics Bid (Boston Globe) Notably excludes Josh Zakim, who has been pushing for ballot questions and is far more engaged with the issue than his peers

Boston Officials Can Woo IOC Voters But Can’t Buy Them (Boston Globe) They’ll probably still buy local pols.

On the State Legislature, where DeLeo and Rosenberg want to pay an overpriced consultant to tell them how to spend less money. Uh…

Olympic Consultant Would Likely Cost ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ (Boston Herald) I’m sure the overrun would extend that cost far beyond that.

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