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Daily News Roundup – February 19, 2015

WBUR commissioned a new poll on public support for the Olympics and found a 13% rise in opposition since last month.

Support for Boston Olympics is Dwindling, WBUR Poll Finds (WBUR) “It has to do with voters now having a new appreciation of how bad the MBTA actually is and seeing the impacts of the storm and thinking there are other priorities in which money would be better spent.”

And the next big news is the announcement of the statewide Boston 2024 dog-and-pony show.

Boston Olympics Backers Hold 20 Meetings Over 20 Weeks (Boston Globe) The first one is actually just their pre-planned Citizens Advisory Group meeting.

Boston 2024 Announced a New Set of Community Meetings (BostInno) Note that the volunteer meetings are not in Boston.

And more generally…

What Could Boston Organizers Learn from Atlanta Olympics? (WCVB) What a whitewash of the history of the Atlanta Games.

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