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Daily News Roundup – February 9, 2015

Allow Her to Rain on the Mayor’s Parade (Boston Globe) A letter-to-the-editor from a JP resident who disapproved of Marty’s decision to host the parade when the MBTA was still a mess and traffic in gridlock. “Maybe that’s too much to ask from a mayor who apparently also believes that everyone in Boston wants to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Time is running out for this mayor to start listening.”

Mayor Walsh’s Olympic-Sized Risk (Boston Globe)

Boris Johnson Accused of Short-Changing Londoners with Globe-Trotting Publicity Trips (Daily Mail) His event tonight was cancelled. Poor BoJo missed a chance to toot his own horn.

Boris Johnson Criticised for Trips as Opponents Say He is Part-Time Mayor (Guardian)

London Mayor: Boston Will Dig Games (Boston Herald) What is with people trying to use the Big Dig as a positive example?

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