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Daily News Roundup – January 19, 2015

A short roundup today, likely a result of the holiday weekend:

Boston 2024 Chairman Says Olympics Would Benefit Next Generation (Keller @ Large) “I don’t really believe that you or I are going to benefit from these games in any substantial way. But who is going to benefit? It’s going to be the next generation, your children and your grandchildren.” Oh, give me a break.

Evan Falchuk Presses for Vote on Boston Olympics (Boston Globe) Leadership here isn’t coming from either of the two major parties. The United Independent Party also has a petition on this.

Boston Could Benefit from Better Relationship Between IOC and USOC (Boston Globe) ““Primarily it’s given the USOC a human dimension as opposed to being this gigantic money-raising organization that doesn’t care about anything outside of the United States.” No, it’s still nothing but a “gigantic money-raising organization.”

What Does the Globe Poll Really Say about Support for Boston 2024? (Blue Mass Group) A deep dive into poll results by yours truly

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