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Daily News Roundup – January 18, 2015

Games Site in Boston Would Be No-Frills Stadium (Boston Globe) Looks like Boston 2024 is leaking details to the Globe. It’s pretty funny that something that will have to be moved (to where?) after three weeks is called “no-frills.” And whose dollars will be used to move it?

Boston Games Could Rely on Distant Venues (Boston Globe) Boston 2024: “We want Boston to shine, so we’re putting events in DC and New York.” So much for the “walkable” Olympics idea, unless you’re the type to walk from Boston to DC.

Beware Olympic Fool’s Gold (The Herald News)

Group Behind Boston Olympics Doesn’t Speak for Him (Boston Globe) Letter to the editor. “How did a self-appointed group of businessmen and politicians get to represent ‘Boston’ to the US Olympic Committee?”

A Plea for Patience as We Bid to Host World-Class Event (Boston Globe) Another letter to the editor. I’m including this one if you need a good laugh this morning. This guy does PR and marketing work for Olympic sponsors and wants us to believe that he wants the Olympics in town for any reason other than self-interest.

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