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Daily News Roundup – January 17, 2015

Boston Olympics Bid Chosen; JP Impacts Remain a Mystery (Jamaica Plain Gazette)

Editorial: Seeing through the Olympics Game (Jamaica Plain Gazette)

Olympic-Sized Hypocrisy: Democracy is So Last Year (WCVB)

Boston City Councilor: ‘Open up the Conversation’ On 2024 Olympics (WGBH) The Councilor is Michelle Wu.

Boston 2024: If We Wanted the Public’s Input… (The Bay State Examiner)

Is Opposing the Boston 2024 Olympics Unpatriotic? (Boston Magazine)

Official: Henry OKs Long Sox Road Trip to Open Fenway for Olympics (Boston Herald)

More Funding Approvals Needed for Boston 2024 Olympic Games (WCVB) So about that “no public funding” pledge…?

Keller @Large: John Fish Talks Boston 2024 Olympics (CBS Local) “The devil’s in the details.” Then show us the details, John.

Fenway Park, BCEC Eyed as 2024 Olympic Venues (Boston Herald)

Ex-Gov Candidate Plans Push for Ballot Question (Boston Herald) Falchuk has been very outspoken on this.

5 Aspects of the Boston 2024 Olympics Poll Worth a Second Look (BostInno) 18-34 demographic heavily underrepresented in the poll. That’s what happens when you only call landlines.

Not So Wicked Smaht: Boston’s Olympic Hopes (WWNO)

Letter: Olympics Would Be a Tragedy for Common Citizens (Jamaica Plain Gazette)

Boston’s Olympic Aspirations Don’t Jive with State’s Real Needs (The Reminder)

Would Boston Olympics Really Be Gold for Bay State? (The Reminder)

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