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Mark Ciommo

District 9: Allston, Brighton


At the March 6, 2015 City Council hearing, Councilor Ciommo asked several questions about how the Olympics would be funded.


In a comment to the Globe in an article on April 1, 2015 about the Olympic community meeting in Allston, Councilor Ciommo said, “It feels to me like part of a feasibility study. I’m keeping my judgment until I see if they incorporate these comments.”


Councilor Ciommo told the JP Gazette that the councilor is “open to the Olympics and supports further investigation” in response to a request for an April 10, 2015, article.


When asked by No Boston 2024 on April 20, 2015 whether he would like to add anything to the statement we have from him, he responded by noting, “Spending public funds would preclude me from supporting the Olympic bid.”


Councilor Ciommo was unable to attend the May 18, 2015, City Council hearing on the Olympic bid.


At the June 26, 2015 City Council hearing on Olympic venues and financing, Councilor Ciommo noted that the questions he is hearing from constituents are “first and foremost about the finances” but that he is also concerned about “how [his] residents are able to get around, how the businesses are impacted.” He asked how many of the venues in the plan already exist and how many need to be built, and he asked whether Beacon Yards is still under consideration as a site for the aquatics center. He asked Rich Davey when Boston 2024 will have a better sense of a plan that the Council can actually analyze impacts on traffic, businesses, gentrification, etc.

Contact Councilor Ciommo to tell him why you oppose the Boston 2024 Olympics bid.

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