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Why Say No to Boston 2024?

Boston's 2024 Olympic bid was developed behind closed doors by a group of CEOs and lobbyists. We should be planning the future of Boston for the needs of the people of Boston, not for big developers or the IOC.


Read more about why to say NO to Boston 2024 here.

We won! But the Fight Continues....

We were very pleased to hear the news that the USOC has finally decided to pull Boston's bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. This victory for the people of Boston is the result of tireless work of numerous activists and residents across the city, region, and state speaking up against this anti-democratic land grab. However, the effort to ensure that the city of Boston works for all of its residents does not end here, and we plan to continue the fight for a more equitable, just, and sustainable city--a fight made easier without an unwelcome Olympic-sized distraction.

We were fighting the Olympics because we wanted a Boston that works for all residents, a city rooted in values of justice, democracy, equity, and sustainability. And that still requires effort from all of us, and we plan to remain engaged in the months and years ahead. We hope you will continue to stay engaged as well. And you might hear from us soon about ways how.

Read what we've found via past FOIA requests, and brainstorm new ideas of your own.



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